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Thank you for your interest in ABRSM’s new Performance Grade exams. Please be aware that Performance Grade exams are not yet available in China. These exams are only available for customers in territories where Performance Grade exams have been launched. Do not enter for a Performance Grade if you do not live in the territory in which you are entering for.

We are working towards launching Performance Grade exams to other markets across the world throughout 2021, and we will be updating our website when more information is available.

感谢您关注ABRSM新推出的以演奏为重点的等级考试(Performance Grades)。请注意,此考试目前尚未在中国大陆推出,并只限居住于已经推出此考试的地区的当地考生报考。如果您不在报考地区居住,请勿报名参加考试。


Updates released for the Singing for Musical Theatre syllabus

1 month ago

ABRSM have today (3 December 2020) released updates to their Singing for Musical Theatre syllabus, so that it now offers a pathway for musical theatre singers from Grade 1 through to Grade 8.

ABRSM’s Learning & Qualifications Director, Philippa Bunting says:

“We are delighted today to be laying out a pathway in Singing for Musical Theatre all the way to Grade 8. Building on the available options for Grades 1 to 3, at Grades 4 and 5 musical theatre singers have a choice of a Practical Grade complete with aural tests and sight-singing specially created for the genre, or a Performance Grade with its focus on creating the performance as a whole. For Grades 6 to 8 we have concentrated on drawing together a rich and energising choice of repertoire from which to create Performance Grade programmes, with the Practical Grade option to follow.”

ABRSM’s Singing for Musical Theatre syllabus features literally hundreds of songs from stage and screen spanning the last century right up to current West End and Broadway shows. This wide range of carefully chosen songs is arranged into graded lists, updated annually to include both new and rediscovered material.

To support learners and teachers working towards Singing for Musical Theatre Grades 4 and 5, ABRSM has also today published Sample Aural and Sight-Singing test books, covering the supporting test elements of the Practical Grades, and new Songbooks containing a selection of repertoire suitable for either Practical or Performance Grades.

The new Singing for Musical Theatre syllabus is available for ABRSM exams from January 2021.

About Singing for Musical Theatre exams

ABRSM Singing for Musical Theatre exams started in 2019. They provide an opportunity for singers specialising in the Musical Theatre genre to gain internationally-recognised qualifications and develop skills to flourish in rehearsal, audition and performance situations.

Would you like to review ABRSM’s Singing for Musical Theatre syllabus products?

ABRSM always welcomes reviews of publications. Please contact ABRSM if you would be interested in reviewing the new Singing for Musical Theatre resources.

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