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Thank you for your interest in ABRSM’s new Performance Grade exams. Please be aware that Performance Grade exams are not yet available in China. These exams are only available for customers in territories where Performance Grade exams have been launched. Do not enter for a Performance Grade if you do not live in the territory in which you are entering for.

We are working towards launching Performance Grade exams to other markets across the world throughout 2021, and we will be updating our website when more information is available.

感谢您关注ABRSM新推出的以演奏为重点的等级考试(Performance Grades)。请注意,此考试目前尚未在中国大陆推出,并只限居住于已经推出此考试的地区的当地考生报考。如果您不在报考地区居住,请勿报名参加考试。


New CEO unveils plans to put candidates first with ‘anytime, anywhere’ exams

2 weeks ago

New CEO unveils plans to put candidates first with ‘anytime, anywhere’ exams

ABRSM’s new Chief Executive has announced plans to extend the organisation’s digital transformation and build the music examination experience around the needs and preferences of candidates as he took up his post.

Former Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of London, Chris Cobb, said he wanted to explore development of exams which candidates could take when, and where, they wanted, and which let them take incremental steps towards completing their grades.

He also plans to extend ABRSM’s international reach, develop new support for music teachers and explore new ways of harnessing the organisation’s partnership with the four Royal schools of Music.

Mr Cobb, a computer scientist, said: “The key for me is for ABRSM to become more candidate centred so we are ready to examine a candidate when the candidate is ready to be examined, rather than when we’re ready to examine them. My mantra will be anytime, anywhere.

“I’d also like to give candidates choices over the mode of their examination (digital or physical) and to provide educational support and incremental steps towards achieving their grade Ultimately, we all want candidates to succeed, we want to inspire their progression and for them to be able to demonstrate their musicality and musicianship in multiple ways.”

Mr Cobb, who took over from Michael Elliott on January 1st, said ABRSM’s greatest strengths included the calibre of staff and power of the 132-year-old brand.

He added: “I can’t begin to describe how proud and privileged I am to be leading ABRSM through the transformation ahead.

“At the heart of it all, will be the music, and you’ll be seeing and hearing an ever richer variety of music from an increasingly diverse community of composers included in our syllabuses and publications as we move forward.”


Read Chris Cobb’s first blog as ABRSM CEO here.

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