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Thank you for your interest in ABRSM’s new Performance Grade exams. Please be aware that Performance Grade exams are not yet available in China. These exams are only available for customers in territories where Performance Grade exams have been launched. Do not enter for a Performance Grade if you do not live in the territory in which you are entering for.

We are working towards launching Performance Grade exams to other markets across the world throughout 2021, and we will be updating our website when more information is available.

感谢您关注ABRSM新推出的以演奏为重点的等级考试(Performance Grades)。请注意,此考试目前尚未在中国大陆推出,并只限居住于已经推出此考试的地区的当地考生报考。如果您不在报考地区居住,请勿报名参加考试。


Let the music Play On: ABRSM reaches out to musicians in lockdown

5 days ago

ABRSM is reaching out to inspire musical achievement and help music makers, parents and teachers Play On as nations around the world enter further lockdowns.

ABRSM’s popular Play On web platform will be offering more top tips, competitions, regular updates and Musical Moments, an exciting new weekly session with an inspirational musician at 4pm every Thursday.

Play On has already attracted more than 300,000 views from 92 different countries since launching in the wake of Covid-19 last year.

As musicians across the UK and the wider world face new restrictions, it will be helping them learn from experts, share their music making, improve their playing and make the most of fantastic free resources.

As well as the new Musical Moments feature, there will be tips from Gabriel Lee for teachers on setting home studios for online music lessons, home schooling support with ABRSM’s Classical 100 collection of carefully selected pieces of music and activities, interviews with top conductors, features with family fun and learning and help to get younger learners to practise.

Executive director Lincoln Abbotts said: “Play On was created to support musical journeys in extraordinary times and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing over the coming weeks.

“We’ll be finding new and exciting ways of inspiring musical achievement and helping teachers, musicians and mums and dads make the most of the great free resources that we already have. Our message to musicians is simple: ‘Play On – we’ll be there with you’.”

Play On last year hosted ABRSM’s three Global High Scorers concerts, a virtual ensemble of 700 musicians from more than 20 countries as part of last year’s Making Music Day and gave away 150 pieces of music through its Free Piece of the Day feature.

Visit Play On at


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