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Online Music Theory exams coming soon in China 线上乐理考试即将对中国大陆考生开放

7 months ago

From 25 April 2022 candidates in China will be able to take our online Grade 1 to 5 Music Theory exams.

ABRSM Music Theory exams give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate and be assessed on their musical knowledge and understanding. At Grade 1 to 5 this is an online exam with updated and modernised questions. Although the exam format has changed, we are still testing the same musical knowledge and understanding to the same standards.

When are exams available?

With our on-demand service, you can choose when to book and take an online Music Theory exam. There are no booking periods or set exam dates. Once the exam is booked, the candidate has 28 days to log in to their ABRSM account and take the exam. They can choose any date and time in this period.

There are a small number of dates when candidates will not be able to take exams, and you can check these on our date and fees page here.

Where and how do candidates take their exam?

The exam platform, proctoring and test delivery are provided by PSI who deliver over 15 million assessments every year.

Candidates can take their exam in any location where they have access to a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and an internet connection. You can check our system requirements here. The link to take the exam will appear on the candidate’s account 3 hours after making a booking.

About proctoring

Proctoring is a form of online invigilation. The candidate is recorded for the whole exam via the webcam and exam software. Trained proctors then review each exam once it is completed. If there is any suspicious activity, we review this before issuing results. Read more in our Proctoring Policy.


You can choose to take the exam in Simplified or Traditional Chinese. You must select this when you book, otherwise the exam will be in English.

Changes to questions and the syllabus

We have adapted the style of some questions for use in an online exam and added new question types, such as multiple choice. We’ve also made some small change to the syllabus. However, there are no changes to the musical understanding that candidates need to demonstrate or to the level, value or length of the exam.

Grade 1 to 5 Music Theory Syllabus from 2020

Find out more

Visit our online Music Theory pages to find all the information and guidance you need to take an exam.

Find out more about online Music Theory







考生可以在任何地点使用带网络摄像头和互联网连接的手提电脑或台式电脑参加考试。你可以在这里查看系统要求。考试链接将在报名 3 小时后出现在考生的账号里。




你可以选择以简体中文或繁体中文参加考试。 请务必在报名时选择翻译,否则考试将以英语进行。







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